IESE / Imperial College Tanaka / Georgetown Essays


As previously stated, I am posting the rest of my essays for your viewing pleasure and hope that they will help any future applicants in their MBA application process, after all, if you can’t give anything back – why bother.

Additionally, I have made a link on the sidebar to allow for easy reference to these files, and I will use this to post any future files, works, etc… that I hope will help any prospective and current students in the future.

Anyways, here they are…

IESE MBA Call ‘08

As you can see, there is a definite theme evolving here, you can also see from my previous essays and these ones that the schools which fell closer to the bottom of my list got considerably less attention than my top choices.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashwyn says:

    hey Jacek, well so what if it’s not IESE, ESADE equally kicks ass from what I’ve heard. And yeah, since we’re both going to be in Barca, let’s catch up for a drink in September?

  2. Vikram says:

    Jacek,Your essay links seem corrupted. If possible, could you email me the essays please ? vikram.ahuja1@gmail.comThanks!

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