ESADE after all – en definitivo…


I’m going to ESADE after all 🙂 – and truth be told I couldn’t be happier. ESADE is shooting through the rankings, and they are ever working towards making their school even better. Truth be told, I had this gut feeling I wanted to go to ESADE after all, and after speaking with the ad-com, and people who’d graduated, I think the school is a better fit for me personality wise, and like I said, in the end I think it all comes down to what MBA program is the best fit for you, I really think ESADE is it. I’m rambling

But it seems that my pathetic performance during the VC, along with a late in the game application has led to me being dinged from IESE. Truth be told, I know where my application was weak, and given I’d remedied these weak points, I’m almostcertain I would have gotten in. Would I have gotten in – now that it’s all over, I’m not sure which school I would have chosen, each has considerable benefits, and each offsets each other’s weaknesses. Comparing them side to side I at least would have found the end decision difficult, and contrary to popular belief it’s not all aout rankings, yes they are very important, but if it were strictly about numbers my arse would have gotten in nowhere, you know that 2.234 Undergrad GPA I keep telling you about.

There were also a number of reservations that I had on IESE which I partially wanted to keep from this website. You know, in case the adcoms read it (Which looking at my clustermap, they probably do). Anywho…

So, while reviewing MBA programs, I read that the WSJ said ESADE, while a great school, lacks self-confidence. In that case, I think it’s time to work towards building that self confidence up, by being the best I can, working towards making the school more internationally renown, by starting clubs, getting speakers, and trying to establish an eastern outlook – basically, doing a general lot of arse kicking while I’m there – can’t wait, should be fun.

And best of luck to all the students from IESE, LBS, RSM, HEC, etc… who read this, but try not to get your panties in a bunch when you come up against me in any MBA competitions. 🙂

Cheers, best of luck to everyone in their respective programs, and all that other goodness. We’ve got a fun, stressful, and exciting couple of years ahead of us.

– Jacek

P.S. – If anyone’s in NY, and would care to meet up with myself and two other future ESADE students this Thursday 18/5 (or 5/18 in the US), drop me a line jgrebski @ yahoo . com

P.P.S. – I was also informed by an IESE grad I met this weekend who did not have a chance to speak to the ad-com on my behalf that ESADE has better looking girls. Marcello, perchè non avete suo e-mail, perchè? Eh, qualunque….


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  1. mbayisyen says:

    Congratulations! At least, you will be in Barcelona which I am sure you will enjoy!

  2. i_will_make_it says:

    Congrats on your decision!

  3. Alex says:

    cool. it would be great if you could add your insights behind your choice for ESADE to the admissions wiki ?

  4. ... jacek ... says:

    Thanks, no congratualtions needed. I unconditionally believe that I could have gotten into IESE, meh… that’s life, and like I said in my post… I’m not sure I would have went. (Trust me, I’m not being bitter here) – Bitter I was about Georgetown (I mean really… a fallback!!!)Anyways, Alex, I’ll come up with something, and should you want to add me to the ESADE Class of ’08 Blogroll I would be most honoured. Thanks all, –

  5. Venturello says:

    Hola, felicitaciones! Una pregunta:What where your reservations with IESE? While I am applying to ESADE and respect it as school, I prefer IESE for several reasons. Also from visiting both IESE’s team left me with a better impression – not that ESADE seems bad, they where also excellent. Sent my app this week to both, waiting for an answer (and nervous about being so late in the process!).Would you mind explaining the reservations you had with IESE, if not throught the blog privatly? My email is mba AT venturello DOT com. I could not find yours in order to send you an email instead of posting here.Mucha suerte,Juan Miguel Venturello

  6. ... jacek ... says:

    Sure, I’ll send you an e-mail within a day or so, or may just post my thoughts and comments here. I’ll even go into both schools presentations and the like… Cheers, – Jacek

  7. Venturello says:

    Thanks Jacek – would appreciate the comments and thoughts, as I think IESE is better BUT accept I have not given ESADE much of a chance. Wanted to go tomorrow to ESADE’s open day but I think the free day is better spent for the GMAT, so going to another one June 9th after I apply. My one direct contact with ESADE, an informative session, left me with ‘reservations’ as well. But alumni I know speak very well of it, plus what I find online, etc…Sorry for the VC problems… that was BAD.And thanks for taking time to elaborate on this!Juan Miguel Venturello

  8. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Jacek!!As for previous comments, I see that the main difference between ESADE and IESE is that the former is more conservative and traditional, while ESADE is more liberal and plural. Which to choose? Depends on many factors but consider it.

  9. Anonymous says:

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