Why an MBA in Espain?


While most of my friends here in the U.S. think I am moving to Spain for the sole purpose of drinking myself into oblivion, partying ‘till the sun comes up, and getting one amazing looking tan. I can say that they are all wrong.

While I do need a tan, the fundamental reason behind choosing Spain as my destination of study has nothing to do with the nightlife, if a program in Siberia would be best suited to where I want to wind up in 20 years from now, I would most probably have gone to Siberia. However, Spain’s position economically, it’s rapidly changing economy during emergence from the regime of Franco, and the progress the country has shown is not too dissimilar from what is happening in Central and Eastern Europe at the moment.

Spain’s progress, and development, can serve as an example to post Warsaw Pact states, and I feel that studying in the country personally, as opposed to studying the country’s development from abroad will be a great asset once I begin getting my fingers wet in policy creation.

Then there’s also the issue that I want to perfect my Spanish, I think Barcelona is a beautiful city, and a great place to study, as well as a strong financial center, personally speaking the food is much better in Catalunya than England, The Netherlands, or for that matter Siberia – well ok, and Catalan girls are cute.

But seriously, I unconditionally believe that school in Spain will help me get to where I want to go… so, that’s why I’m getting an MBA in Espain. 🙂


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  1. sirreene says:

    Ok. You’ve made your point. Spain it is. Just make sure your castle is large enough to house American visitors.

  2. AynRand2008 says:

    The Gypsy kings rocks. I am trying to learn a little Catalan myself. There might be a marriage with a Catalan guy in my family coming up soon!Enjou Spain!

  3. Miss Cellania says:

    Since you were accepted at many places, you had a choice, and thats wonderful. I might have chosen Spain, too!

  4. Ashwyn says:

    Succinct and well worded! Btw good going on the MBA Monetary fund, would’ve liked to contribute if I weren’t going broke myself 🙂

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