The Student Visa Application Process – for Spain


I step into the Consulado General de España en Nueva York today, holding Passport photos, Schengen Visa application and letter of admittance in hand. I wait diligently on line, and get my little wait number, on it is written in highlighter “STUDENT 4” – Apparently indicating that Student’s one, two and three came before me… am I rambling? Right, sorry.

Here’s what you need for a Spanish Student Visa, if yer an American.
1. Three Schengen Visa Application Forms
2. A Valid Passport for a Minimum of Six Months
3. Three recent passport photos on a white backdrop
4. Proof of admissions as a full time student as Spanish Universidad.
5. Proof of financial means for period of study in España
6. Clean bill of health (physical and mental) issued by your General Practitioner
7. Individual or group travel health insurance
8. If studying 6 months +, a certificate by police authorities indicating an absence of a police record.
9. 100 Semolina’s – that is $100.00 USD people.
10. Additional Requirements may apply.

Note that all documents have to be submitted at the same time, you must have a photocopy of each (times three), and cannot apply four months before and one month from time of departure. Apps take approximately 4-6 weeks to process, and you have to leave your passport at the consulate. There.

Me… didn’t know this, in fact the information isn’t even readily out there, so I hope this helps all the IESE, ESADE, and IE students, and fine… EADA too.

As for me… I went back to work, called my congresswoman and asked if the State Dept. would have any issues with me using my EU passport to enter, live, study, and possibly work in Spain. She said no, and that should I require U.S. consular services I should register as an expat with the US Consulate in Barcelona. I think I’m going to register with the Polish one as well.

And now, I’m ecstatic as I don’t have to waste valuable time running around getting all that stuff together for my visa app – for everyone else going, I hope this helps.


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  1. Allen Edwards says:

    Actually it does help. I was looking at this today. Thanks

  2. CreditGirl says:

    Thank you for your web site. Honestly I do not plan to study in Spain, but I went to Barcelona as a tourist and I want to say that I really admire this wonderful city, especially every little thing that was made by Gaudi. you are lucky to live in a place that!

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