Dinged by my fallback school?


This is rich. I got denied by Georgetown, I mean it may have had something to do with the fact that I submitted my application an whopping three days before the deadline because I freaked out I wasn’t going to get in anywhere and decided to throw in a fallback university in the event I couldn’t go to Europe. But this is rich. Georgetown? No. 5 on my list – constantly ranked lower than ESADE, and RSM, only a few steps above Tanaka… and I get dinged. Well I tell you… these Hoyas have no idea what they’re talking about. Anyways, for your viewing pleasure I present you with the denial letter.

“Dear Mr. …Jacek…,
Thank you for your interest in the Georgetown University Full-Time MBA Program.

The Graduate Admission Committee of the McDonough School of Business has completed a careful review of your application to our program. Although your application contains certain distinct strengths, we are unable to offer you admission to the Fall 2006 entering class. As I am sure you are aware, admission to the Georgetown MBA Program is highly competitive. We expect to receive nearly 2000 applications for an entering class of approximately 260 students.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our program and the time and effort you put into your application. We wish you success in your search for a challenging graduate program that meets your needs and will help you achieve your goals. Best wishes in your future endeavors.


Monica P. Gray
Director of Admissions“

Meh… whatever, wouldn’t have gone anyways.


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  1. Riddle Of The Sand says:

    All the best is all that I can say!Going through your essays was a treat. I will not be surprised to see you achieve everything that you have writted down in them – all the way upto standing elections in Poland.Just a word of advice – do not let the management jargons and environment make you forget all that. Management tends to be that way.Looking forward to reading your blog once you start college :o)

  2. Ashwyn says:

    Good stuff, mate… and your essays are very impressive too! All the best for IESE!

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