Selling the car


To help pay for books, laptop, downpayment, etc… expenses in Espania, I’ve decided to sell my wee little automobile, should anyone be interested in purchasing it, and helping me fund my education, here’s a pic, and I’ll throw the e-bay motors link up once I put it up there.

Isn’t she ugly… her name’s Lucille by the way.


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  1. Miss Cellania says:

    Wee little? It looks like a battleship! You could throw a party in there!

  2. Miss Cellania says:

    Where do you park that thing in NYC?

  3. chris says:

    That’s actually a really unique and cool looking car; and it looks like it is in tip top shape.definately a change from the plethora of BMW and Mercedes cars I see on a daily basis.

  4. Allen Edwards says:

    Hey, just got in. I’ll see you in Barcelona. Drop me a line when you get over there and I’ll do the same.

  5. ... jacek ... says:

    Miss Cellania, the thing is garaged year round in the suburbs, and I have thrown a party in there, I think it’s something like 27 feel long. Chris yeah, its only got 33.8 thousand miles on it, and it’s in near showroom condition, I should get a couple of thou for her. 🙂

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