y ahora, Yo tengo muchos preguntas…


Housing, where how, how much? Visas, do I need visas. Shit, is all my crap straightened out with the Poles, are they going to try and grab my arse for military service, hope not… how can I swindle my way out of that one? And do I need two visas? One for the US passport, one for the Polish one? I’m confused, I’ve got questions… aaah screw it, I’m goin’ to Barcelona!!!!! Let’s go drinkin’ ! Woooo…..

Like any good focused pre-MBA student I went out to celebrate last night with a rare burger from a joint, and a wonderfully delicious mixture of wine, beer, and we musn’t forget tequila. This apparently led to my “ahem” stomach flu this morning, which still involved me being “next day drunk”. I hate next day drunk, and I really don’t remember drinking this much though… but the burger was rare, so I blame it on that. Anyways, missed work, no sick time or annual leave, so I forfeit a day’s salary – crap!

All this however, at least allowed me vegetate around and do some research – go drop off my dry cleaning and head up to the Spanish Consulate to get some info… I got to the consulate just as it closed at 3pm. Spaniards… heh.

So the research… right. Apparently ESADE is brilliant in certain facets and IESE in others, and given my ability to interview, I think I may just get into both. So now there be problems.

I found out that I will need to get my student visa, as I am currently lacking my Polish Identity Card. Wait… the Polish have Identity Cards? Crap, guess that’s one more thing to do. Visa should take a total of 5-8 weeks to process, after which I will need to attain residency status in Espania. Other problems include the fact that I will need to get a Spanish drivers license as apparently a NY one just wont fly over there, and … oh… right, finding a place to live. I haven’t been to BCN since 2001, and I honestly don’t remember distances. Good news, if I find a flat with a few other students I’m looking at shelling out € 400 – 500. Not bad at all after New York, and the apartments are much snazzier looking over there.

Then there’s the matter of snagging a quick € 6000.00 for a deposit, and securing financing for edumacation and life. I’m borrowing more, than less, so at least I’ll be able to live there like a normal human being, and at low rates. Plus I can always throw whatever extra cash I have in a peripheral account earning (at present, it’s floating) 4.5% compounded monthly.

I’m thinking $120,000.00 USD should do. Oh and Mssr. Bush, thank you for funneling dollars into a pointless war, growing the deficit, and in cohesion with other things devaluing the dollar against the Euro so I have to pay more for my education. You know, education is one of those unimportant things. Nucular, love it. You’re a real stand up guy.


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  1. Allen Edwards says:

    Congratulations back to you. I still have to get accepted by ESADE (nomination is only half of it).I used to live in Poznan, by the way. Mowi troche po polsku. If I end up in Barcelona I’ll stay in touch.

  2. Allen Edwards says:

    Yeah, I ask myself the same thing. I had a friend who was living out there, so the idea was to start up a software company. It didn’t happen. I’d still like to make American money and live back East.

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