Would I have gotten in, if…?


Here’s the thing… as my responses start coming in, I’m starting to think that my applications were really freggin’ strong. I mean, I had a lower 80’s range GMAT score, and an undergraduate GPA of 2.234. Based on the GPA, and if I were a member of an adcom, I would not, and I mean I would not, let me pass through to the interview stage. I would have rejected my application long ago. But, that did not happen.

In fact, being that I’m getting interviews, been accepted to 2/5 schools, have an interview with another next week, and haven’t heard back from the other two since I only applied two weeks ago, I’m starting to wonder if I could have gotten into some of the powerhouses. INSEAD, IMD, LBS…?

My application was more or less finished, for LBS and all I needed to do was review one essay, but with acceptance to RSM, I said screw it.

Now I wonder… could I have gotten into LBS, Yale, HBS… I guess from now on these questions will fall into the same pit of anathema as “how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?” Oh well.

I will however be posting my essays here tomorrow for anyone who could care, or be interested, they are 100% what I sent and 100% true should some of the material within them seem a tad, um… far fetched.


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  1. chillpill says:

    Congratulations on your 2 admits and hoping you gather some more in your kitty. Hoping you have the luxury to decide.

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