For your viewing pleasure – my ESADE / RSM Essays


First off… I’ve been thinking, if I get into IESE, i think im 98% Sure I’ll do the same thing as I did for my undergrad university and flip a coin. Decisions, decisions… decisions. Who am I kidding 😉 I’m going to IESE if I get in 😛

Anywys, since, I have been accepted to ESADE / RSM, I feel it in good health to post the essays that I believe helped me secure interviews and get accepted.

You can find the essays by following these links

MBA Call ’08 – ESADE
MBA Call ’08 – RSM Erasmus

As I get accepted / rejected from additional schools I will put additional essays here for all who want to view, review etc… I will say that with each one I was unconditionally honest and tried to reflect on myself as well as I could while trying to show a sense of maturity and humility at the same time.

If some of these essays overlap, it’s because, well… short term career goals and long term career goals, are somewhat the same across the board. I’m not changing them to fit the school. As I said, I was unconditionally honest. Enjoy.


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  1. chillpill says:

    Admire your attitude. These essays will surely be a help.

  2. ... jacek ... says:

    Hehe, thanks, though you see the ever recurring attitude of “oops I botched up in Undergrad, please dont take it against me” – ’tis true… the one semester I actually attended classes semi regualrly I got a 3.56/4 with 18 credits of workload. Sigh…

  3. Orlin says:

    Hm…Found your website while researching ESADE. All this sounds interesting. I am currently accepted in Bocconi, ESADE and RSM. I don’t know which institution to choose. Any suggestions? How did you make the final pick? Thanks.

  4. meant for better things... says:

    hi jacek,i am swotting up for my GMAT and writing essays…your successful entry essays to ESADE are no longer linked to your blog…and i would love to read them!also: what do you think of ESADE’s 1 year program?? as it starts in march….any advice woudl be great!p.s yr blog was a ood find today, when i stumbled on it! thanks for putting out there!niki

  5. Pushpinder Singh Bagga says:

    hello … the pdf links are dead… can you please help here…

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